Pinstripe Separates


Summer is officially winding down and fall is just around the corner. I can’t even remember what cool weather feels like with the slew of heatwaves we’ve been having, the heat has been brutal. I’ve been living in denim shorts and tank tops for sure this summer. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, I’m already thinking about cozy knit sweaters, ankle boots and coats for the cool weather.

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Tibi Pleated Skirt


Wait, summer isn’t over yet. I’m still in summer mode. Clearly, I don’t want summer to end despite the summer heat waves. I will miss bathing suits, sandals, denim cut-offs and tank tops.

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Florence Part: II


Florence charmed me beyond belief. It welcomed me with open arms and embraced me fully and completely. Florence is that cute little town in the Tuscany region, surrounded by mountains you just instantly fall in love with. The town is bursting with beauty in the form of art, sculpture, food, wine, science and architecture. Although Florence is the birthplace of the renaissance, the town is really mellow and easygoing. Will and I were so busy trekking to every spot…from the Uffizi Gallery, Palazzo Pitti, Ponte Vecchio all the way to the Florence Cathedral and the Duomo. If sightseeing isn’t your deal, Florence is the perfect town to sit back and relax with your plate full of mouthwatering pasta and glass of Italian wine. The food alone is worth going to Florence for. Of Course shopping is always a good idea.

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