Mundy’s Asia Galleries

  Last weekend, my old man and I drove to a vintage shop in south end Boston to scope out some thrift stores and we stumbled across an Asian antique store by the name of Asia Galleries. Naturally, I had to go in and check it out, this antique store is amazing. The store is […]

Bomber Jacket Femme Fatale

  Yesterday I was super excited to go vintage shopping in Boston. My better half and I had a full list of treasure troves to visit on our trip to beantown and boy did I find a lot. We went to a couple of consignment places on newbury street that could have burned a hole […]

Black & White Print Mix

Anyone that knows me, knows I’m literally obsessed with black and white. I like to wear all black for a monochromatic look that makes me feel sleek and sexy. And I wear white for any occasion that calls for it. I almost never wear both colors simultaneously, (say whuuut) especially black and white prints in […]