Throwback To Last Year’s Governor’s Ball

All year round, everyone from everywhere gets revved up for the Governor’s Ball festival in New York. Three days of fun, music, parties, fashion and great food-all festive goers including I, look forward to all year around. Nowadays, I’m sure you’ll agree that we all need a little fun to start the summer off right.

Museum of Fine Arts-Boston: Monet

Recently, I took a trip up to Boston to visit the Museum Of Fine Arts. The appreciation of art runs deep within me and the sincerest affection for all thing beauty whether it’s art, sculpture or fashion. I got to see art of the ancient world, contemporary and Asian art. I was beyond floored to […]

Motorcycle Gang

Don’t I look like I belong in a motorcycle gang! I can imagine myself riding on a Harley-Davidson cruisin’ on the desert highway with the wind in my hair (I wish). Every once in awhile, a girl needs to feel like a badass. It’s amazing how what you pick out in the morning to dress […]