Baggage Claim

Claim your bag this summer to step up your game in the sartorial department. Bags are just waiting to be grabbed to polish off your summer look whether you love to rock a bucket bag, crossbody, satchel or clutch. You name it, these seasonal bags are begging to be paired with your summer outfit.   […]

Summer Suiting

In this endless (or what seems so) heatwave we’ve been having here on the east coast lately, summer suiting is needed for the office pronto. White blazer, linen shorts, classic t-shirt and awesome footwear makes for a very chic look without sweating like a pig. It’s the perfect way to beat the heat at the […]

Statement Summer Sandals

In the summer, we love to show off anything south of our ankles. I love wearing statement sandals to finish off any outfit. Sandals are a great way experiment with trends and are super fun to wear. Don’t be afraid to play with your sandals.                         […]