The Western Chronicles

Truth be told, I’ve been waiting to wear this transparent ruffle number for a long time now. Buried in the trenches of my closet, I dug it out just in time for fall and it has waited long enough. Wait, Let’s rewind and replay it from the beginning:

More Must-See Fashion Documentaries

  If your not too exhausted by fashion week yet (or rather fashion month), try binge watching these thought provoking and entertaining fashion documentaries. As many of you know, I am a devoted fan of documentaries and I love more than anything these days is propping my feet up on the couch, stuffing my mouth […]

Prairie Mingled With Mom Jeans

On this particular occasion, I like to knock down the walls fearlessly yet hesitatingly and step outside my comfort zone and experiment with a look that feels a bit foreign to me. Anxiously feeling like I’m naked or vulnerable in some type of way plagued me while styling this look. I feel like Heidi on […]