Nail Technicolor

Rejuvenate your Fall beauty routine with a slew of cool brand new nail shades of the season. Make your girlfriend’s instantly jealous with these eight vibrant hues of reds, blues, greens and neutrals to add a little technicolor to your life.                                

Peek-A-Boo Sleeves (or rather hands)

Easing into Fall donning my navy pinstripe over-size shirt in one of my favorite color palettes of the season-shades of blue harmonized with white accents gives me a tickle in my pants. Needn’t bother mentioning the wide cuffs, as you can see here, they consume my sleeves leaving no room for practicality. And by practical, […]

Horror Flick Fest 2016

Celebrate Halloween with our guide (our, meaning Will and I) to the most terrifying films of all time. Where we come from, Halloween is a very big deal, not to mention, we are the biggest horror nuts on the eastern seaboard. Every year for Halloween, we have a huge horror fest-watching our favorite scary movies, […]