Girl Power Marathon Part:1

If your tired and stressed out from work, life and boyfriend issues, I have the solution for you. Have a fun girl’s night or more specifically, a girl power marathon. Give yourself a night off with your girlfriends and relax with frozen margaritas, pizza popcorn, vegan donuts and grab a bunch of pillows, blankets, slip […]

Statement Earrings Manifesto

I, hereby announce my public declaration for statement earrings hence the manifesto bit. Casual yet unexpected are the key reasons for adding statement earrings to your look. Vintage looking jeans, a graphic tee, a printed blazer, white ankle boots paired with eccentric glitz on your ears, is a guaranteed way to deliver your best fashion-forward […]

Vinyl Valentine’s Day

What do you get a girl who hates cards, flowers, candy and all things resembling Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day? CHANEL! I wish. Still saving unfortunately. Some couples celebrate by going to a romantic dinner or a long weekend getaway somewhere. No, instead, I scheduled a root canal and plan to sleep for fourteen hours […]