Faceless Cowgirl & London Fashion Week Talk


Reached my quota of the year for the most drunken night ever recorded in recent history, retaining (more like suppressing) no memory of it, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day has long been a standing holiday tradition to me and those near and dearest. The current amnesia is starting to decay to recapture the hideous flashbacks of when I was sashaying around in very few layers of clothing in frigid temps holding Jack (my sidekick, Jack Daniels, we go way back). In this instance, however, I had realized I forgot my coat back at the house. Somehow, I managed to defeat the hypothermia with my old man’s fleece sweatshirt, effectively concluding that a statement coat is necessary for an ensemble at all times, especially if your life depends on it. Cue: the most phenomenal cow print vintage faux-fur coat to date, worn with a graphic tee, cropped flares, sock boots, statement bag and a hat. Cool vibes take many forms, including a faceless cowgirl.

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Style Icon:Tilda Swinton



If you want a caramel macchiato? You go to Starbucks. You want menswear inspiration? You go to Tilda Swinton. Its that simple. With the exception of Katherine Hepburn of course (love her), until recently, no one does androgynous dressing like Tilda Swinton. Swinton is not just an accomplished actress, her head-turning and polished yet eclectic taste for tailored cut suits often donned on the red carpets of movie premieres, legitimizes her role as style icon. Her definition of personal and eccentric style reflects the rhythm and soul of menswear divided up into tailor-made pants suits accompanied by soft blouses, structured menswear inspired coats or jackets worn to perfection, combat boots for edge, loafers or ladylike pumps, along with the boy haircut punctuated by her timeless sculpted and naked face beauty. It reverberates the notion that gender is merely an illusion. Each gender, man or woman, both attain masculine and feminine qualities. Yin vs. Yang. Boy vs. girl. Gender dressing transcends in the world of style, effectively knocking down stereotypes and intrinsically composing the melody of gender fluidity within our culture amid challenging the norms or standards of beauty. Prince and David Bowie were both trail blazers who built this mantle. Swinton’s non-conformist approach to style resuscitates life into boy clothes. Paying close attention to menswear, it’s my opinion, boy pieces are best interpreted by a woman.

Thank you for your perpetual, dignified and boundless expressionism.

We salute you Tilda!





Pussy Power Movie-o-thon:Part 2

International Women’s Day (originally International Working Women’s Day) was unearthed in 1909 in New York and was established by the Socialist Party of America to pay tribute to garment worker conditions. Women’s day protests were held on March 8th, 1917 in Russia eventually triggering the Russian Revolution ironically. Tomorrow, women across the globe will come together and go on strike to advocate social, political, cultural and economic equality (a day without women). In the broad spectrum of opinions, some of us cannot skip work tomorrow (me included) unfortunately, however we can do plenty to celebrate the labor of women by thanking our mothers, sisters, friends and daughter’s for all they do and don’t forget you can be an activist too by wearing red, no purchasing anything and you can attend rallies. If you can attend rallies, here is the complete list of events https://www.womenstrikeus.org/events/

Below, you can also honor women by watching pussy power movies (because I’m such a movie nerd) alongside your girlfriends in solidarity with cocktails. Who’s in? My treat…

Title is not intended or meant to offend anyone and my apologies to anyone that is offended. I’ve been a blogger for only a year, and still new at this. I will make efforts to give a warning next time. However, I will not censor myself in any way, shape or form as an artist nor will I accept political correctness over a word used for positive reasons not negative ones (hence pussy power). It’s not a bad word and I disagree it’s disrespectful to women. It’s the intention behind the word. As a preventive measure, I would not recommend opening personal emails in front of children.