Coachella Bound

Let’s do a brief meditation exercise, close your eyes and try to imagine you’re in one of the coolest festivals on the planet (maybe even in the universe), and picture images of a desolate desert, mountainous peaks, vast and cosmic skies, harmonious hymns, palm trees, contemporary art, tasty bites and wall-to-wall riots of laughter. What’s […]

Holiday Destinations

In need for a last minute holiday get-away? While some may want to venture off to a tropic locale, others prefer a wintry destination. Either way, every fashion girl should travel in style to these carefully curated winter escapes. (Keep in mind, traveling to Cuba, restrictions remain in place) Puglia, Italy, Havana, Cuba, Aspen, Colorado, […]

Rome Part III

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, eat pizza, ride a moped and glamourize yourself for that romantic date with an Italian stud (I wish) and drink as much wine as you possibly can stand. And then google what cures your hangover the next morning.